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Information Technology as a whole, not computer sciences only, is the backbone of any management system, particularly so for a system to deliver a satisfactory social service, and ensure protection of the people from hazards. For Health sector the importance of Information Technology is immense and does not need any justification in the modern scientific times. Its application range from Training to Service delivery, that is, in every aspect of Healthcare work and service delivery be it a hospital, a laboratory, a rural health system, or management and planning systems the importance of IT as a tool is growing rapidly. It is but natural that an Institute of Public Health simply had to put this agenda on its top priority listing. The areas of IT focused for development are:

  1. Computer and Electronic Data Processing Technology.
  2. Presentation Graphics Technology.
  3. Audio-Visual Technology (primarily Video systems).
  4. Document Processing and Reproduction System.
  5. Communication Systems.

The capacity in IT was given maximum importance along with other basic developments targeted sine the initial phase of the development of the IPHQ. The focus involved attention on the following main areas:

  1. Infrastructure and Equipment
  2. Human Resource and Skill Development
  3. Work output and Research Objectives

By the Grace of Almighty Allah IPHQ has been overwhelmingly successful in achieving its objectives on all fronts. And now it can claim to be among the institutions having the highest and best level of competence in the field of 'IT' in the province.

Presently there are more than 70 computer systems functioning in the IPHQ and its Research and Model Development Projects. The system itself functions in the following independent and separate Cells:

  1. Information Systems Cell
    • Computer Training Lab
    • Hardware Maintenance System
    • Central Data Entry Facility
    • Network Printing System
  2. Information Technology Cell
    • G.I.S.
    • Central Photostat Pool
    • Printing Press
    • Document Processing
  3. Audio-Visual Cell;
    • A/V Recording
    • Audio System
    • Video System
    • Still Photography System

Of the above the Information Systems Cell is primarily a line function unit and concerns with the routine IT activities, while the Information Technology Cell is an elite unit and concerns with the service and output related activities including research programmes of which the current is the GIS Development Programme. These operational units form the prime operational capacity of the IPHQ in IT and its application development endeavours. Some of the major milestones in IT Development are as under:

  • 2000-01: The pride performance, which proved the metal of IPHQ in the field of IT, was the initiative by the Commander HQ Qta Log Area, Brig Shafqat Mahmood and his team coordinated by Col.Saadat Ali Shah and Lt.Col.Shahab during October 2000, which actually brought to light the capacity of the IPHQ in IT. The IPHQ shall forever remain obliged to these fine officers of the Pakistan Army who were instrumental in allowing IPHQ to demonstrate and establish its skills and capacity to produce results in IT. The performance spans:
    • Full data analysis and liaison of the Health Survey-2000;
    • data-base designing for special reporting;
    • Desk Top Publications;
    • Audio and Video Recording and Playback;
    • Data and Graphics Designing and Display;
    • Communication system including telephony, display materials, and video displays;
    • The required human and miscellaneous support for the objective.
  • In continuation to the opportunity in the shape of the exercise for Health Reforms, the most effective and comprehensive opportunity, which tested all skills and capacities of the IPHQ to the limits, was the Devolution of Power Plan assignment, the assistance to the PTTS (Provincial Transition Team's Secretariat). This is claimed to be the best productive and most comprehensive output by the IPHQ on the IT side till date, and spans:
    • Data-base designing for special reporting;
    • Desk Top Publications (the most extensive exercise for Devolution of Power Plan undertaken by IPHQ);
    • Audio and Video Recording and Reporting;
    • Data and Graphics Designing and Display;
    • Communication system including telephony, display materials, and video displays;
    • The required human and miscellaneous support for the objectives.
  • In addition to the above pride achievements the IPHQ has succeeded in the following IT development and capacity building objectives: o Development of a formal short course for Computer Training and Office Management.
    • Development of a GIS Initiative for Healthcare work.
    • Capacity Development for hardware maintenance.
    • Capacity initiative for software development.
    • Computerisation of Office systems.
    • Computerised OPD Ticketing and Revenue Generation Systems for Sandeman (Provincial) Hospital, and Bolan Medical Complex Hospital, Quetta.
    • Computerisation of Health Department
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