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  • The Pride Performance of the IPHQ is in the following functions undertaken:
    • Re-organisation Plan for Provincial Health Dept in 1995-96.
    • Concept Development and successful achievement for the Four Tier Career Structure System for General Cadre Doctors.
    • Dev of Provincial Health Sector Reform Strategy in 99.
  • Now known as the Core Team of the IPHQ, was assigned the task to develop, support, and assist in the process for 40% up gradation of doctors to BS?18. Which was finally successful and was notified in October 1993.
  • The first computerised Seniority Lists of doctors in the General Cadre were completed and rectified by what is now a part of the IPHQ team in 1993. With successive revisions in 1995, and 1998.
  • IPH played the Pivotal role in drawing up the reorganisation plan for the health department and the development of 4?Tier system. The IPHQ Core functioned as a wing of the Health department to facilitate the process for implementation of the 4-Tier system and Health department restructuring in the province in 1995-96.
  • Development of plan for the career structure for Paramedics in Balochistan, in 1995-96.
  • Coordination and active participation in the development of Essential Drug List (EDL) for the province of Balochistan and strategies for its implementation, in 1996-97.
  • Technical support to the planning Cell, department of health, Govt. of Balochistan in planning and management activities which includes development of concept papers PC?1s, concept papers, and proposals.
  • Staff of IPH served as members on different national committees for development of concept papers and implementation of various segments of National Health Policy, as approved by the cabinet in December 1997.
  • IPHQ was assigned the task of co?ordinating the National Health Policy implementation work (Provincial Technical Committees), in the Province, 1998-99.
  • The Office of the Principal, Bolan Medical College, the Secretariat of Board of Governors, BMC, the Board of Studies in Medicine and the Academic Council, BMC, was provided full secretarial support, 1988-99.
  • Plan development for Emergency Medical Services System in the province under process. The IPH is the provincial coordinator for this work, 1999.
  • Members of the IPH faculty worked for continued consultation and coordination as district management advisor for decentralized planning and management in the pilot districts of Pishin and Panjgur over the last two years.
  • Similarly acted as district social coordinator in preparing the district health management teams and community members for community involvement in health care activities, right from planning through management to service delivery in the above mentioned pilot districts for 2 years in 1998?1999.
  • On directives of the Health Minister the IPHQ undertook the assignment for Health Manpower survey and deployment report. It was later merged into the Health Survey - 2000.
  • Developed the amendments required in the various service rules of the Health Department, but these were not taken up despite approval due to the reasons best known by the Health Department.
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