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The Research and Model Development Programme is unique to IPHQ. This programme provides the very basis for channelling of the high standard technical and managerial inputs into the main stream for the Health department and Health Service, and concomitantly is the basic ingredient to allow field touch for the IPH faculty to ensure a very high quality and realistic training delivered by the IPH for all levels, not just a theoretical and academic exercise. Some of the main programmes include:

  • The major achievement of the IPH till date is the development and regular Operation of Computerised OPD Ticketing system for Sandeman (Provincial) Hospital, and Bolan Medical Complex Hospital, Quetta. This revenue generation and information system is being developed to the level of a formal Hospital Management Information System in due course.
  • The Pride of the IPH and indeed the Balochistan Government will InshaAllah be the Emergency Medical Services System, which is currently under progressive development, delayed due to the administrative problems discussed later.
  • Study to assess the impact of visitor burden on functioning of Sandeman (P) Hospital, Quetta.
  • Determination of Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) in peri?urban areas of Quetta city.
  • Baseline survey for Healthy City Project in Quetta, an initiative of World Health Organization.
  • A review of Sustainable Health System in Balochistan.
  • Utilization of Health Services by the population of Union Council Shadinzai, District Quetta.
  • Assessment of OPD Services at Sandeman (P) Hospital, Quetta.
  • Assessment of OPD Pharmacy Services at Sandeman (P) Hospital, Quetta.
  • Assessment of Emergency Services at Sandeman (P) Hospital, Qta.
  • An outline of Strategy for Environmental Health in Balochistan.
  • Assessment of Hospital Based Health Services in Balochistan.
  • Currently IPH is participating in Safe Motherhood initiative with Asia Foundation in Khuzdar and Quetta region, assessing the effectiveness of including husbands in reproductive health.
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