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The following special services were assigned to the IPHQ, which it completed as a part of its various line functions successfully:

  • The Pride Performance of the IPHQ is in the following functions undertaken: o Health Survey and the consequent Health Sector Reform Plan by the HQ Qta Log Area Oct-2000 to date.
    • Development of draft legislation for Hospital Regulation, Clinical Laboratory Regulation, and Hospital Waste Management Legislation.
    • Development of the conceptual framework for the Provincial Health Policy, 2000-01.
    • Control and Investigation assignment for Congo-Crimean Haemorrhagic Fever in 1998-2000.
  • One of the pride performances for IPHQ is the liaison and coordination for the JICA grant-aid project for equipping basic departments of Bolan Medical College, Quetta. Even the Japanese Consultants and JICA Representatives lauded the work of the IPH in this project and termed it instrumental in allowing the completion of the project on time, 1996-97.
  • The control and investigation for the Epidemic of Congo Crimean Haemorrhagic Fever (Congo Virus) in Arunji, Frontier Corps Soldiers Epidemic, and in Zhob-Lorali Districts was assigned to IPHQ in 1998-2000, the IPHQ was highly successful in its services and the implementation of control mechanism. However, later due to reasons best known the task was taken away form the IPHQ despite the fact that Disease Control is a subject of the IPHQ. This resulted in a disastrous situation, to such an extent that the Army had to put in its own team to oversee and manage the situation, which it is still doing till date.
  • On special request from the Federal Ministry of Health the IPHQ was assigned as a lead coordinator for the Development of initial draft/plan for the National Health Sector Reform Plan in Dec 1999-Jan 2000. The IPHQ was the core secretarial support for the pilot development of the Pilot National Health Sector Reform Plan and Document, and its circulation in the four provincial capitals, working with the Federal Ministry of Health.
  • The IPHQ developed the concept of a provincial Health Policy, and Health Sector Reforms in the province. Presented to the Cabinet in Sept 2000, however, although approved in-principle, this policy has as yet to be adopted.
  • The first ever 'MCQ' based university examination was held in the year 2001. The IPHQ provided all the support required to print the question papers to assist the University of Balochistan and the Bolan Medical College, Quetta.
  • The IPH was assigned the responsibility to coordinate the health institutions survey - 2000, in assistance to the HQ Qta Log Area.
  • The IPHQ is also assigned to fully and extensively support the PTTS in devolution of power plan work. Which it is still doing till date.
  • Initial planning for Commissioning of Bolan Medical Complex Hospital, Quetta.
  • Initial Planning for restructuring and utilisation of Sandeman (Prov) Hospital, Quetta.
  • Concept Plan for utilisation of Sheikh Zayed Hospital, Quetta.
  • Concept Plan for up gradation and improvement of Divisional HQ Hospitals in the province.
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