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Although a large number of staff development activities are regularly carried out, following are the more important achievements till date:

  • Masters in Public Health from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, England (1 person).
  • Masters in Health Economics and Financing, from London School of Economics, England (1 person).
  • Masters in Health Policy, Planning & Management from Nuffield Institute, Leeds, England (1 person).
  • FCPS part 1 in Community Medicine (4 persons).
  • Short course in med education from Dundee, UK (1 person).
  • Short course in health policy, planning and management from Leeds, England (1 person).
  • WHO internal Fellowship in Community Oriented Medical Education (1 person).
  • WHO external fellowship in Community Mental Health from Institute of Psychiatry London (1 person).
  • Postgraduate diploma in Reproductive Health from England (1person).
  • Health Management course from Agha Khan University (2 persons).
  • Health System Research and management course from Agha Khan University (4 persons).
  • Post?graduate course in Epidemiology & Bio statistics from Agha Khan University (1 person).
  • Training workshop on integrated PHC services in Balochistan, sponsored by WHO (2 persons).
  • Training workshop on promotion of Breast?feeding (2 persons)
  • Qualitative Research techniques course (1 person).
  • DDO course from Railway Accounts Academy, Quetta. (3 persons).
  • Financial Management Courses from Railway Accounts Academy (7 persons).
  • Intensive training in Performance Audit from the Railway Accounts Academy (5 persons).
  • Training programme on Database Visual Fox Pro (6 persons).
  • Computer training programme in Windows 95 X 3 courses.
  • Training course in data management organized by the British Council (1 person).
  • Training of Tutors (ToT) on utilization of teaching aids organized and conducted by the British Council (2 persons).
  • 1?year Diploma in Computer Sciences (1 person).
  • Six?month English Language course (5 persons).
  • Training course in Civil Defence (2 persons).
  • 3?day course in hazardous waste disposal (1 person).
  • Training course on Environmental Impact Assessment (1 person).
  • Higher Education Management from Oxford ? Warwick University (1 Person).
  • Short Course on Prevention of Agriculture related Health Hazards ? Agency for International Health, Japan (1 person).
  • Management Training for EMBA (6 Persons).
  • IT Training for EMS-IT, MS-IT, and BS-IT (12 Persons).
  • Hardware Training - 'A' Certificate level (3 Persons).
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