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Established in 1997

Public Health is the backbone of any Health Care System because it deals with prevention of health problems, management of medical services, research into health problems and proper training of health workers.

Public Health in Balochistan was in need of a proper department as the deficiency in this sector was creating extreme operational problems in the health care work, as without proper training neither the health planning and management systems can be made functional properly, nor the health care services delivery system could be streamlined in accordance with the requirements of the Primary Health Care (PHC) approach.


This department functions as a Postgraduate Training Institution in Public Health / Academy of Health Services / Institute of Public Health.

IPHQ conducts operational and health researches, and develops models which are necessary to improve services in the health sector in Balochistan.

IPHQ assists the health department in disposal of official business on subjects that may be assigned to it, thus acting as a Management Support Unit to the Health Department of Balochistan.

IPHQ provides training to doctors and other health professionals who provide medical care for the people at the primary care level for the masses.

IPHQ always fulfills the assignments in providing health care facilities in Balochistan. This is possible only because of a dedicated team working for a cause. IPHQ is proud of its sincere team members who work with their full efforts day and night.

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