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The IPHQ was created as a research and training institution of Public Health in Balochistan. Although Balochistan is the largest, by size, province of the country there was no such institutions in this province till 1997, due to which the Health sector was facing a lot of visible and invisible operational problems in health care delivery with consequent low esteem and mistrust by the masses.

The purpose of establishing the IPH was to have an institution which could assist the policy and decision makers in critical analysis, independent review, and the designing, managing, and provision of health care services based on actual needs of the people by conducting health system research, developing models, and initiating new concepts. With essential development of a proper and adequately trained human resource in the health sector to sustain these initiatives.

The example of one of the best Health Care delivery systems is that of the USA and the UK. It is most pertinent to observe that the excellence of their systems is due in the major part to the strongest support of Public Health institutions available to them, such as the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health, National Institutes of Health, USA, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, among others. These institutions support the respective national and regional health service agencies and system.

The IPHQ has been assigned and targeted to achieve the same functional status and role as of these august institutions. To develop the health system in Balochistan in particular, and for the nation at large, in service to the genuinely needy masses and the general national development. Utilising the existing resources, nurturing the development of the indigenous talent and technical capacity to serve.


Consequent to the operational theme, the mission statement adopted for the IPHQ lays down its mission as:

" The IPHQ aims to facilitate the development of the health system, by research and techniques of building, and striving for proper Human Resource development for the health sector, to facilitate achievement of a health system which is sustainable and perpetually evolves to an acceptable international standard of services, while ensuring progressive reliance on local resources and community support for health promotion, sustenance, and development. The IPH has as its mission to promote the fields of Public Health, Preventive Medicine, Family Medicine, Special Services and Information Technology in Health sector. By education, training, operational research, tendering policy options, management analysis, advice, advocacy, and model development. In line with international standards recognized for these fields."
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