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The IPH was established in 1997. However, the promise to make available space to establish its main campus materialised only in September 2001. Initiation of institutions is a monumentous task and it is only by the Grace of Almighty Allah that IPHQ has been able to develop its basic infrastructure within just four years. In achieving this task the invaluable role of the core team of the IPHQ can simply never be honoured adequately and properly, suffice is to say that these persons men and women are Blessings of the Almighty Allah.

In particular it is but imperative to observe that the most beneficial and pivotal support in form of equipment and transport that became available was the Japanese Grant of equipment for the Bolan Medical College, where the component of Community Medicine was planned to allow the development of IPHQ, this grant-aid from the people and Government of Japan has been instrumental in making the establishment of the IPHQ possible in the first place. And the health sector in the province shall benefit from this timely and generous gesture from the people and the Government of Japan for a very long time to come.

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